Woei Lin, Professor
Research Interests: Wireless Networks, Network Switching and Routing, System Performance Evaluation, Parallel/Distributed Systems.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 907
Email Address: wlin@nchu.edu.tw

Der-Tsai Lee, Professor
Research Interests: Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Web based Computing, Software Security, Algorithm Visualization, Bioinformatics, Digital Libraries.
Phone Number: 886-2-2788-3799 #2209
Home Page: http://www.iis.sinica.edu.tw/pages/dtlee/index_zh.html
Email Address: dtlee@iis.sinica.edu.tw

Shyr-Shen Yu, Professor
Research Interests: Pattern Recognition, Biological & Medical Image Processing, Bioinformation, Data Mining.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 807
Home Page: http://miplab.cs.nchu.edu.tw/teacher.html
Email Address: pyu@nchu.edu.tw

Sying-Jyan Wang, Professor
Research Interests: VLSI Design, Digital System Testing, CAD.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 910
Home Page: http://vlsilab.cs.nchu.edu.tw/professor.html
Email Address: sjwang@cs.nchu.edu.tw

Chung-Ming Wang, Professor
Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Steganography, Watermarking, Color Science.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 915
Home Page: http://gmvr.cs.nchu.edu.tw/cmwang
Email Address: cmwang@cs.nchu.edu.tw

Kuen Fang Jea, Professor
Research Interests: Cloud Computing, Data Mining, XML Technology, Database System, Big Data Analysis.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 906
Home Page: http://delab.cs.nchu.edu.tw/new_mainpage/index.html
Email Address: kfjea@cs.nchu.edu.tw

Shang-Juh Kao, Professor
Research Interests: Computer Networks, Systems and Network Management, XML Data Processing, Cloud Computing.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 708
Home Page: http://snmlab.cs.nchu.edu.tw/professor.asp
Email Address: sjkao@cs.nchu.edu.tw

Der-Chen Huang, Professor
Research Interests: VLSI Design and Testing, Digital Signal Processing, Network, Image Processing.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 920
Home Page: http://soc.cs.nchu.edu.tw/adviser.php
Email Address: huangdc@nchu.edu.tw

Yen-Jen Chang, Professor
Research Interests: Low Power VLSI Design, Memory Circuit Design, Embedded System, Intelligent Robot System.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 918
Home Page: http://web.nchu.edu.tw/~ychang
Email Address: ychang@cs.nchu.edu.tw

Pi-Chung Wang, Professor
Research Interests: High Speed Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Algorithms.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0884 ext 303
Home Page: http://nclab.cs.nchu.edu.tw/advisor.php
Email Address: pcwang@nchu.edu.tw

Jiunn-Lin Wu, Professor
Research Interests: Image Processing, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Multimedia Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computational Photography.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 919
Home Page: http://web.nchu.edu.tw/~jlwu
Email Address: jlwu@cs.nchu.edu.tw

Chun-Rong Huang , Professor
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Multimedia Signal Processing, Medical Image Processing.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 805
Home Page: http://cvml.cs.nchu.edu.tw/biography.html
Email Address: crhuang@nchu.edu.tw

Hsung Pin Chang, Professor
Research Interests: Operating Systems, Embedded Systems, Computer Networks.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 808
Home Page: http://osnet.cs.nchu.edu.tw/hpchang.html
Email Address: hpchang@cs.nchu.edu.tw

Hsueh-Wen Tseng, Professor
Research Interests: Wireless Networks, Networks on Chip, Cloud Computing and Networking, Performance Evaluation.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 908
Home Page: http://web.nchu.edu.tw/~hwtseng
Email Address: hwtseng@nchu.edu.tw

Huan Chen, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Body Area Networks (BAN), Network Optimization, Signal Processing, MG+4C Embedded Systems, Android and Cloud Services.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 810
Home Page: https://welcome-to-awin-lab.webnode.tw/professor/
Email Address: huan@nchu.edu.tw

Yao-Chung Fan, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Data Mining, Big Data Management, Social Networks, Mobile Data Management.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 704
Home Page: http://web.nchu.edu.tw/~yfan/
Email Address: yfan@nchu.edu.tw

Shu-Yu Kuo , Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Metaheuristic, Optimization, Financial Technology, Quantum Information Science, and Wireless Sensor Network.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 812
Home Page: https://sites.google.com/view/shuyukuo/
Email Address: shuyuk@nchu.edu.tw

Jason Lin, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Document Processing, Semantic Networks, Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence.
Phone Number: +886-4-2284-0497 ext 707
Home Page: https://senyalin.github.io/
Email Address: jasonlin@cs.nchu.edu.tw

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