, Professor
Research Interests: 榮獲109學年度服務特優Ⅱ.
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Home Page: VLSI Design_.Digital System Testing_.CAD
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 910, Professor
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Home Page: Computer Graphics, Steganography, Watermarking, Color Science
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 915, Professor
Phone Number:
Home Page: VLSI Design and Testing_.Digital Signal Processing_.Network_.Image Processing
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 920, Professor
Research Interests: 榮獲108學年度服務特優I教師.
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Home Page: Low Power VLSI Design, Memory Circuit Design, Embedded System, Intelligent Robot System, AI Application
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 918, Professor
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Home Page: High Speed Networks_.Wireless Sensor Networks_.Algorithms
Email Address: (04)2284-0884 ext 303, Professor
Research Interests: 榮獲109學年度教學特優Ⅱ, 榮獲109學年度優良勞作教育導師, 榮獲110年度產學績優教師II, 榮獲111年度產學績優教師Ⅱ.
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Home Page: Image Processing_.Machine Learning_.Machine Vision_.Multimedia Signal Processing_.Pattern Recognition_.Computational Photography
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 919, Professor
Research Interests: 榮獲102學年度教學特優教師.
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Home Page: Key-Value Store, Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing, Network Software, Linux, AI-Enabled Bioinformatics
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 808, Professor
Research Interests: 榮獲108學年度優良勞作教育導師.
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Home Page: Wireless Networks_.Networks on Chip_.Cloud Computing and Networking_.Performance Evaluation
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 908, Associate Professor
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Home Page: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)_.Body Area Networks (BAN)_. Network Optimization_.Signal Processing_. MG+4C Embedded Systems_.Android and Cloud Services
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 810, Associate Professor
Research Interests: 榮獲107年度產學績優教師,榮獲110年度產學績優教師II,榮獲112學年度教學特優教師.
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Home Page: Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Information Retrieval
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 704, Associate Professor
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Home Page: spatiotemporal data analysis, spatiotemporal database query, artificial intelligence
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 706, Assistant Professor
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Home Page: Cryptography, Quantum Information, Document Processing
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 913, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: .
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Home Page: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Educational Data Science
Email Address: (04)2284-0497 ext 812

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