The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at National Chung-Hsing University was founded in July, 1992. The department currently has eighteen faculty members, offering MS program, Ph. D program and undergraduate program of Computer Science. The department aims at
(1)pioneering basic research of computer science & engineering and becoming a major academic research center in the computer area.
(2)working closely with computer, electronic and mechanics industry for designing innovative products and promoting manufacturing technology of R.O.C.

1. Faculties:
Professor Woei Lin. Professor Shyr-Shen Yu. Professor Sying-Jyan Wang. Professor Gwo-Boa Horng. Professor I-En Liao. Professor Shang-Juh Kao. Professor Kuen Fang Jea. Professor Chung-Ming Wang. Professor Der-Chen Huang. Professor Yen-Jen Chang. Professor Jiunn-Lin Wu. Professor Pi-Chung Wang. Professor Der-Tsai Lee. Associate Professor Hsung Pin Chang. Associate Professor Hsueh-Wen Tseng. Associate Professor Chun-Rong Huang . Associate Professor Huan Chen. Assistant Professor Yao-Chung Fan. Assistant Professor Chia-Mu Yu. Assistant Professor Chun-Wei Tsai.

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2. Laboratories:
We have Network & Switch Systems Lab, Image Processing & Multimedia Database Lab, 資訊安全實驗室Medical Image Processing Lab, VLSI/CAD Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab, Ubiquitous Data & Intelligent Computing Lab, Data Mining & Knowledge Engineering Lab, Systems & Network Management Lab, Data Engineering Lab, 圖學多媒體暨虛擬實境實驗室Low Power Circuits and Systems Lab, System On Chip Lab, Signal and Image Processing Lab, Network Computing Lab, Speech & Language Lab, Computer Vision & Multimedia Lab, System & Network Lab, Advanced Wireless Information Networks Lab, Wireless Communication & Cloud Computing Lab, 安全與隱私實驗室智慧型系統實驗室 total laboratories.

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